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Meet Wilfredo Gomez

Posted on February 24, 2010

Want to know who Wilfredo Gomez is? Check out these stories from his peers, who are regarded as the best skateboarders around. The Legend of Wilfredo Gomez lives on "How to Make It in America."

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  1. Episode 1×03 Paper, Denim Dollars promo

  2. when r we goin to see wilfredo appear on the show !?

  3. i need a dollar, dollar is what i need. hey hey hey hey…

  4. The correct statement would be : “I need a dolla, dolla, dolla, is what i Need. Hey Hey!”

  5. “yo, why don’t you mind your skinny business and let the fat girl do her thing.”


  6. lol i think it’s javier nunez in real life.

  7. does this guy actually exist?

  8. yep his name is javier nunez a.k.a “”Pool Thug”

  9. yea hes real i met him at the brooklyn banks lol “pool thug” he a regualar persone and funny lol that ma dude if you see him ask hime whos feaire lol

  10. This was crazy… Wish I saw the boy skate

  11. Wish I saw the boy skate…

  12. who plays wilfredo gomez on the show?

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