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HBO Employs Legendary Graffiti Artist Lee Quinones

Posted on January 7, 2010

Here a piece HBO got Lee Quinones to do for HTMIA. A well documented plot point is that Luis Guzman's character Rene is hustling his own energy drink line called Rasta Monster, and this obviously looks like the van he is peddling it out of.

Lee Quinones has been at the forefront of American graffiti art and is universally regarded as a leading figure in the development and transition of Post-Graffiti within the contemporary art world. His work has landed in both public and private collections around the globe. Quinones was one of the key innovators during the early days of New York’s street-art movement.

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  1. LEE is a fantastic and inspirational artist. He is a living legend and one of the most prolific people of our time.
    Keep doing what you do my brother.
    NYC, Lower East Side forever!

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