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Episode 1 – Soundtrack

Posted on February 17, 2010

The first episode of "How to Make it" was met with rave reviews by both fans and critics alike. The only thing that can top the shows hype, is the soundtrack.  In case you were wondering exactly what they songs were:

  • Cam'Ron - "Oh Boy"
  • Cobra Starship  - "Good Girls Go Bad"
  • Digable Planets - "Pacifics"
  • John Boyd - "DomK"
  • Erik Hachikian - "Beach Ball"
  • Cam'Ron - "Down and Out"
  • Stereo MC's - "Two Horse Town"
  • Hercules & Love Affair - "You Belong"
  • Rich Skillz - "Cuz The 80's Made Me"
  • Ceu - "Comadi"
  • The Rolling Stones - "Heaven"
  • Dinji Brown - "Movin"
  • Nancy Wilson - "Ode To Billie Joe"
  • Brass Construction - "Movin"
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  1. Nice. This is a great blog. Thanks. I threw up a post on BOOGIE’S photo stills used in the show

  2. how come Rich Skillz – “Cuz The 80′s Made Me” is the only song on the music soundtrack list that is not for sale?

  3. Caught the 2nd episode last night. Does anyone know the song at the end of the 2nd episode that was playing when the credits were rolling??

  4. looking for that song that played right after Ben was walking away on the street after yelling up at his Ex in her window. Any ideas??

  5. Can you guys post all the songs from the second episode?

    It’s a great show, I love it

  6. The HBO soundtrack is slightly different. It doesnt include the Dinji Brown at all and instead of the Nancy Wilson cut there’s a Rolling Stone track called “Heaven”. Any ideas why?

  7. Is the “Rich Skillz – cuz the 80′s made me” the song that is playing when he sees Rachel at Gingy’s Gallery Opening? If it is where can I get it? I assumed it is and have been looking everywhere online with no luck.

  8. whats the song when ben and cam are walikg to Dave kaplans house. I cant find it??

  9. what song is playing when the episode begins ?

  10. I have to say, the music is what brings me back…. and it doesn’t hurt that Mr Greenberg is easy on the eyes. Thanks for putting the music on one website!

  11. The song played after Ben was out front of rachel’s window was the Rolling Stones song ‘Heaven’.

  12. “whats up fatlip” is the song on the way to Kappos

  13. what is the name of the song when Cam drives up to pick up Ben in the fresh ass landrover

  14. ^^^cam’ron feat. kanye west – down & out

  15. Still no answer to the question also I am lookin for? Does any one know what song is playing when the episode begins ?

  16. What’s the song in the episode 5 when they are playing basketball please.

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