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Episode 1.07 Sountrack

Posted on March 29, 2010

The set list for episode 1.07 - Keep On Truck'n

  • Shawn Anthony - "Yea/No"
  • Beenie Man - "Who Am I"
  • Nas Ft. Damian Marley - "As We Enter"
  • White Arrows - "Coming Or Going"
  • On Blast - "Wanna Lose Control"
  • Eric Hachikian - "VI"
  • Illfonics - "Into The Wild"
  • Little River Band - "Reminiscing"
  • Eric Hachikian - "I"
  • Phoenix - "Rome"
  • Quantic Soul Orchestra - "Tropidelico"
  • Broken Bells - "The High Road"
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  1. this show is great for discovering great new music…thanks. and also the show itself is great.

  2. Rome was kickassing, fitted at the perfect moment!

  3. The phoenix song is actually “Rome (Neighbors Remix feat. Devendra Banhart) “

  4. WOW! Nas Ft. Damian Marley – “As We Enter”, delightful!

  5. What’s the song that’s playing when Bryan Greenberg is riding the subway after the truck and t-shirts were stolen?

  6. What was the song playing during the credits?

  7. Somebody needs to put all the songs from season 1 and make it into a torrent file i can download!

  8. I can’t believe you guys got On Blast in there!!! I fuckin LOVE that band!!!!!!!!

  9. How To Make It In America is such a cool show, and hearing an On Blast song playing was awesome! Wanna Lose Control is one of my fav’s. Love to hear more of their music on this show. Thumbs way up to How To Make It In America!

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