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The “How To Make It” Crew Hits Times Square

Posted on January 28, 2010

HBO continues its all out promotional assault for "How to Make It in America." Today, the crew was spotted on a billboard in Times Square. Its pretty safe to say you've Made It, when there are giant billboards of you floating around New York City. Here is the good news though, if you spot one of these promotional signs, take a picture of it, and post it on the HTMIA facebook page and HBO will send you a surprise gift, at least according to the FB page admin.

How to Make It in America Only a few more weeks until How to Make It in America premieres, only on HBO. If you see this poster on your street corner, photobomb it and post the pic to our wall. Why? Because if you do, we just might have a special gift for you.

You got just over two weeks to go if you want some free stuff. If you see that promotional sign anywhere, take a pic and post it. If you live in a smaller city, you're basically screwed, but you should be used to being insignificant by now so get over it. For the rest of us, game on...

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“Cudderisback” A Kid Cudi Mini Documentary

Posted on January 27, 2010

While on tour in Boston, Kid Cuti and his boys put together this little mini documentary. The footage is directed by Jason Goldwatch of Decon Records,  and is set to Cudi's latest song "Cudderisback." I guess this gives you a glimpse of a day in the life of the Kid... I got to hang out with this guy.

As always, was first on the scene, and remains your source for all things Kid Cudi

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You’re Invited To An Early Premiere For “How To Make It In America”

Posted on January 26, 2010

In its continued efforts to promote its new comedy series "How to Make It in America," HBO has launched a series of premiere parties that gives fans a chance to catch an early glimpse of the new show. If you live in L.A., San Fran, NYC, Boston or Chi-Town, you are invited.  The events will feature complimentary food and drinks, as well as a guest DJ. I'm sure space will fill up fast, so RSVP while you can. 21 and older to get through the front door. Check out the links below for information on the dates for the party in your city.

New York City

Los Angeles


San Francisco


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Curtiss Cook Talks About His Role On “How To Make It In America”

Posted on January 26, 2010

Daemon's TV recently sat down with Curtiss Cook and talked to him about his role on "How to Make It in America." As mentioned before lead character Ben (Greenberg), works at Barneys, and Curtiss will play his boss Alex. This is really the first time anyone has mentioned Curtiss (yes, spelled with two s's). He doesn't have a major role, but as you can tell from the interview, he is very excited at his chance to work on an HBO show. His previous television credits are nothing to write home to mom about, so you can understand his enthusiasm.

Can we talk about how you got involved in 'How to Make it in America'?

Curtiss Cook: Well because I am not at the place in my career where scripts are mailed to my agent with a kind letter hoping that I'd take a lunch with the director or writer or one of the producers...I went to the appointment with other well trained actors...looking for that next role that would make me "A Star" and here it is that next role...very, fortunate am I, Very!

Can you talk about your character Alex? What can we expect from him this season?

Curtiss Cook: Now I can't really tell you what you can expect...but, I will say this...I play Ben's boss at Barney's New York while he's trying to make other moves in his life...I'm strong self righteous and always right...and this is my first time playing a character like this on's going to be very interesting to see how people take me in and friends's anactors dream to play outside of himself...and none the less to have it documented in such a highly anticipated show is cool as'll have fun I guarantee it.

How do you prepare for your parts? And more specifically for your role in "How to Make it in America"?

Curtiss Cook: I have a very organic way of getting ready for a role...even when I get an appointment I completely surround myself with as much information as I can...of course depending on the part, but I read who's involved, I look up the place it's set in, and try to read material from that time as much as possible...then I leave it all alone...try to have that part of myself emerge through the character based on all of the homework...for "How to Make it in America", I looked at a lot of my friends from the theater world and from dance when I was younger and tried to be as truthful as possible.

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“How to Make It” Crew To Host MTV2′s Sucka Free

Posted on January 25, 2010

This past week, Bryan Greenberg, Victor Rasuk, and Scott "Kid Cudi" Mescudi were in New York to act as the celebrity guest hosts of Sucka Free on MTV2. Sucker Free is an hour long block of hip-hop videos that airs sporadically on MTV2. I know what you are thinking, they still play music videos on any MTV station?  On Sundays, it hosts a weekly top 20 countdown which it calls Sucker Free Countdown. That's the episode that the "How to Make It in America" trio will host. It will air February 14, at noon, the same day as the premiere of their new series.

The official website for the show describes itself as:

Sundays on MTV2 are Sucker Free Sundays, with wall-to-wall hip-hop programming all day long. Along with a countdown of today's freshest new rap music videos, MTV2 Sucker Free Sundays includes episodes of hip-hop- related MTV series and specials and serves as a showcase for a brand new hip-hop track each week as part of "MTV2 The Drop." And don't get us started on the guest hosts. From Ludacris and Ice Cube to MURS and The Cool Kids, plus Weezy, Jeezy, T.I. and T-Pain, if they're anybody in the scene, then they've held the mic on Sucker Free Sundays, bringing the best hip-hop videos straight to you. Picking up with the legendary Yo! MTV Raps left off, Sucker Free defines hip-hop and it's only on MTV2.

Ludacris, Weezy, Ice Cube, T-Pain,... and Bryan Greenberg? Sounds funny doesn't it? I'd probably throw Greenberg's music in a John Mayerish genre instead of hip hop. If you've never heard him play, you can check him out in concert with Cudi here, or go to his myspace. Meanwhile, "How to Make It in America" continues to ride the hype in the hip hop community thanks to Kid Cudi.

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The “How to Make It in America” Trailer… Finally

Posted on January 21, 2010

The much anticipated trailer for "How to Make It in America" has finally made its debut. In case you have been living under a rock, the new HBO show will premiere Sunday, February 14th.

If you havn't already, make sure to check out and join the facebook page for How to Make It here, and the new, revamped for the latest on How to Make It in America, and the rest of stellar 2010 HBO lineup.

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Flashback To The Old School HBO Intro

Posted on January 21, 2010

If you are old enough to remember this HBO intro... its time to start lying about your age.

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HBO Website Gets Makeover

Posted on January 20, 2010

In keeping with its brand of groundbreaking entertainment, HBO is unveiling a newly imagined and flash-based web site (  that truly reflects the network's innovative brand, broad-range of quality programming and reputation for technical innovation. The fully integrated site incorporates vibrant and seamless content that brings a more robust level of engagement to consumers and fans of HBO shows, including newly designed presentations of popular features like episode guides, cast and crew information, behind-the-scenes clips, music, locations and more.

"We wanted to create a rich, interactive online destination worthy of the HBO brand," said Alison Moore, vice president, Brand Strategy and Digital Platforms. "Fully dynamic, the new allows us to extend HBO's promotional digital footprint through a rich and engaging design that is built upon a platform of technical innovation."

Optimized to provide a totally immersive experience on any computer, the site's key expanded features include:
· Streaming Video – high quality videos including previews, clips and trailers of favorite HBO shows in full screen resolution, regardless of monitor size, that provide users with more of a TV-watching experience than a PC-viewing experience.
· Enhanced schedule – easy to use and accessible from every page on the site, this enhanced feature includes the HBO HD and HBO On Demand schedules as well as email reminders and filters for your favorite programs.
· Community –upload your photo, create a personal identity and establish a unique voice by posting comments and stories throughout the site. Gain credibility and status as a person in the know, plus go directly to the source by interacting with HBO Insiders and Guests to forge fresh connections and join the conversation.
· Shareability – share content with friends in and outside of the HBO community, with a robust set of share tools that includes email, video embed and post functionality.
· Personal dashboard – create a dashboard of favorites, plus bookmark discussions, clips, and even get recommendations for new content based on favored programs.


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New “How To Make It” Photos

Posted on January 16, 2010

Here is a few new screen shots from various episodes of "How to Make It in America."

Also note, we get our first look at David Kaplan (Eddie Kaye Thomas) and Edie (Martha Plimpton)

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Kid Cudi Fans Should Prepare For Disappointment

Posted on January 15, 2010

There has been a lot of talk, especially in the hip hop world, about Kid Cudi making his acting debut in the upcoming episode of How to Make It in America. I think Cudi fans should prepare to be disappointed. The amount of face time their hero is actually going to get is probably not what they are expecting. I like Cudi as much as the next guy, well, maybe not some of these guys, but you should be realistic in your expectations. Coming into this production, he has had exactly zero television or movie credits. That's not exactly the kind of credentials that would convince a director or producer to make you the centerpiece of his show. Being someone that has actually seen the pilot, I guess I actually know exactly how much PT he will be getting, which is why I'm writing this. Since the pilot was shot over a year ago Cudi has blown up in the music world receiving three Grammy nominations, and grabbing album of the year from respected sources like Complex Magazine. The people at HBO are not idiots, no doubt they have been keeping an eye on his career and worked to get him more scenes in later episodes. But it's going to be a slow start.

How to Make It in America started out as a two man show of Ben (Bryan Greenberg) and Cam (Victor Rasuk) hustling their way to fame and fortune. As the cast came together and they were able to add some great talent, How to Make It became more of an ensemble. That being said, it's only a half hour show. There is only so much room to get someone like Luis Guzman or Lake Bell in front of the camera. The reality is Cudi is seventh on the call sheet. Meaning there are six other actors that will be focused on more than him. Not to mention guest stars,  lots of hipster extras, and hot sluts they're going to have to parade in front of the camera. Actual scenes with Mr. Mescudi might be few and far between. This is just a warning. Brace yourself and be prepared to be disappointed if you are expecting Cudi to be the star of the show. Be patient and don't expect him to come out and set the world on fire.

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